Thursday 5 December 2013

Leiningen - HTTPS issues


As I have started my adventure in Clojure programming I wanted to start playing with the leiningen tool. 

Unfortunately where I was at has some strict policies around access. We have this crazy proxy so we had to do some magic to get it working. Since I haven't done any Java development in while I was lucky that I had a great friend at work to help me.


I was trying to get lein working and was getting the following error:

Could not transfer artifact clojure-complete:clojure-complete:pom:0.2.3 from/to clojars ( peer not authenticated
This could be due to a typo in :dependencies or network issues.
If you are behind a proxy, try setting the 'http_proxy' environment variable.


To get this to work we needed to do:

1. We need to get the certificate:

echo -n | openssl s_client -connect | sed -ne '/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p' > /tmp/clojars.cert

2. Import the key that we just extracted:

sudo keytool -importcert -alias 'clojars_cert'  -file /tmp/clojars.cert -keystore $(find $JAVA_HOME -name cacerts)

3. Make sure the key is there:

sudo keytool -list -v -keystore $(find $JAVA_HOME -name cacerts) | grep clojars

When you run the lein command it should work.

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.

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